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The 1608 m high Lonely Stone is situated in the eastern part of the county of Harghita, in the Hăşmaş Mountains. The Lonely Stone is not composed of one, but of five rock spikes reaching up to the sky. The characteristic white cliffs were shaped by frost-cracks and rain, its lower third being surrounded by a slope formed by its own debris.

In the south-western part of the cliffs is found, 1504 m high, the Lonely Stone rest house, built in August 1932, and reconditioned in 2010. According to the legend, giants lived on the top of the mountain in the past and gathered on the clearing scattered with stone blocks under the cliff and hid their treasures under the broken blocks. The Lonely Stone was also the scene of historic events. In 1285, in the era of László Kun, Tartars and Cumanians invaded the country, their troops being defeated at Pest. The fleeing and reuniting army was defeated by the Szekler armies on the top of the Tarcău, in the vicinity of the Lonely Stone.


The rock group can be reached from several directions, on foot, by bike or horseback. The tourist track departing from the Red Lake, across the main ridge of the Hăşmaş Mountains, offers a recreation time rich in delightful experiences. The strains of the long journey are compensated by the lovely view which opens to the surrounding landscape, to the famous Devil’s Mills of the Öcsém Mountains, the Depression of Ciuc, the Harghita Mountains, respectively the Hăşmaşul Mare Mountain.


The Vitos Peak

One of the most famous panoramic spots of the northern part of the Hăşmaş Mountains is the fur-cap shaped limestone cliff of the mountains, the 1609 m high Vitos peak. The rocky ridge of the Vitos peak rises steeply over the Hagota and Putna valley.

A wonderful view opens to the surrounding landscape from the limestone cliff. As part of the panorama, one can see the Călimani Mountains, the Ceahlău, the range of the Hăşmaş Mountains together with the Hăşmaşul Mare, the Lonely Stone, the Öcsém Mountains and the Gheorgheni Mountains.

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